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Sophia’s Confession

Every Christmas, I am reminded of my former coworker, Johnny. He was an honourable and humble man who came to Canada from Hong Kong when he was a young adult. Johnny was a man of few words, and this could have been a self-conscious reflex because of his thick accent and unskilfulness of the English language. It could have also been the combination of Johnny’s introverted nature and a strong Christian upbringing that emphasised living by example rather than Pharisaic words. Continue reading Sophia’s Confession

Book Launch

book Launch poster
Book Launch poster with all the signatures from the attendees

I would like to give a huge thank you to Speers Funeral Chapel for graciously hosting my book launch.  We had a great turnout with top-notch facilities and professional charm.  Also, a huge personal thank you to Krista Christensen who went above and beyond for the event.  I cannot say enough “thank you’s” to Speers and their staff.  This event would not have been successful without them. Continue reading Book Launch